Wiki Hints

A wiki is a web site and a collaborative undertaking. That makes it different from other group projects. Here are some wiki hints:

  • Keep to one topic per web page
    • It is easy to create an additional web page and link to it
  • Put content right on the wiki page - don't use attachments as it is harder for the site visitor to see them
  • Figure out how to organize your material
    • One way is to create one key page per topic
    • Sub-topic within each topic can be on separate pages linked to the main topic page
  • Create a menu so people can navigate their way around your wiki
  • Create a top level "home" page which includes an overview (or "Executive Summary"), with links to supporting material
  • Create links to sources as you find them; don't leave linking to sources until the end of the project
  • Be prepared for visitors to use the Search function on the wiki
  • more to come
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