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This page is for your feedback on the course - in particular, how you think it could be improved. Note that this feedback is not anonymous. However, I appreciate constructive comments. You will have an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback on the Course Appraisal forms distributed in class.

Femi Alao - I personally think that this course is packed full of vital information. Not only for internet businesses but for other types of businesses as well. Everything that I learned from this class has helped me understand business much better, not only trying to understand the numbers but understanding why the numbers have gotten that way, and how businesses try to keep them there. I now see how things work business wise from a bird's eye view. The Class wiki that my group and I performed gave me insight into an industry I would have otherwise known nothing about. Now that I have credible data I have used the information to help me make better investment decisions. It has also helped me in knowing how to research for investment options in the future.

Andrea Greenberg-Because I had never taken any economics or business classes before, some of what we learned was really hard to grasp at first. This class was actually a LOT of work!!! Some of the assignments took me HOURS to complete. But I do not feel like the homework was given just to keep us busy; I really learned a lot of valuable information about business.
I also liked the group project. It was weird having a group project on the internet. We worked on it together at the same time-but instead of sitting there together we were talking to each other through AIM. Strangeā€¦

Brent Solly - Well it was an interesting experience. I learned alot about how businesses are competitive and stay in profitability. It was also interesting to see the sources of revenue for different companies. It makes you look at these companies differently than before. Purchase College has pretty much drilled me in doing group projects, so now I'm actually used to it. What I did find valuable was the professor's business experience and business terms such as business model, porters Five Forces, network effect, fixed and variable cost, revenue, net income, return on investment and others I can't remember right now. Business model - what makes the business profitable is key. I will not forget this as I go forward in my career. Oh wait, not done yet, what can be improved - Well, I think the next class should give students more of a chance to complete the individual project, the one where we would have to research a company of our choice and explain the impact of the internet on that company. Maybe 1 or 2 less homeworks and more time to work on that individual project. Also, when it comes to the class chosing groups, I believe this should be a random process left up to the professor, or created by the students and the professor. This way other students get a chance to break out of their comfort circles and everyone meets more people.

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