Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of designing a web site so that 1) it ranks near the top of relevant search engine results and 2) the content displayed by the search engine is relevant.

Search engines such as Google provide guidelines for webmasters to make their sites rank highly. Some basic tactics include:

  • Making sure that page titles and headers are relevant
  • Treating every page separately
  • Thinking about what search words people will use when looking for content related to yours
  • Having rich content on a specific topic located on a page (making it a "landing page")
  • Having outgoing links and links between pages on your site
  • Making sure that other relevant sites link to your site
  • Submit your site to directories such as Yahoo!

Beware! If you try to play games by creating lots of low-value links or by repeating key words the search engine might "disqualify" you and remove your site from its index.

There are plenty of tools that will help you to optimize your web site for searching. Word Tracker is an example. It suggests key words that you include on your page to increase your search ranking.

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