Homework 7

This should be on your GROUP PROJECT WIKI, NOT the class wiki

  1. Banana Republic http://bananarepublic.gap.com/ simin Kayod
  2. Old Navy http://oldnavy.gap.com/
  3. Gap http://www.gap.com/
  4. Piperlime http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/home.do?ssiteID=GAP

Since the Banana and Gap and Old Navy are consolidated, I will post the consolidated annual reports. Please consider the following businesses for your portion of homework 7
( $ in Millions)
How much revenue : The Gap , Inc is consist of Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy. The net sales for 2008 was $15,763 of that 6% is via internet
The business had net earning of $833 , it is about 5% net profit.
Here is an article written by Erin Clark that appered on High Beam Research on May 14/2007

"Toby Lenk is having trouble sleeping.

As president of Gap Inc. Direct, responsible for steering Gap.com, Oldnavy.com, Bananarepublic.com and Piperlime.com, Lenk has a big job on his hands - especially as the balance of retail power continues to shift to the Internet. But with the rise of the Web, he told the summit crowd, comes a number of new challenges, all of which will serve to empower the consumer while potentially diluting brands. Four alarming trends, in particular, are "keeping me awake at night," Lenk said:

1. The rise of new media

The numbers show that consumers are spending more and more time on the Internet, at the expense of … "

**Nordstrom income statement for 2008 and 2009**
Revenue in ($ mil.): 2009 $8,573.00 and 2008 $8,828.00
Grosss Profit: 09- $3,156.00 and 08 $3,302.00
Operating income-09 $779.00 and 08 $942.00
Total net income-09 $401.00 and 08 $715.00
Diluted EPS (net income): 09 $ 1.83 and 08 $2.88

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