Traditional Media Companies

espn360.com is a broadband TV channel for ESPN content that doesn't make it onto the television broadcast channels. Hulu.com - a streaming video site supported by NBC, Fox and others - is now operational. What are the implications for using the internet to broadcast TV?


Sony is going to offer movies over mobile phones

David Pogue of the New York Times thinks (as of April 2008) that movie downloads will not eliminate the market for DVDs.

Independent movie distribution exists, but how easy is it?

YouTube was (in early September 2009) reportedly in talks with movie studios about online movie rentals through YouTube.


Electronic Arts is releasing a free game that will be funded entirely by advertising and micro-transactions.

Some gaming companies are trying episodic releases.

A 2007 BBC article describes the increasing development costs of games. The article estimates that Halo 3 cost $30 million to produce.

Take Two Interactive is a publicly traded gaming company. One of its divisions is Rockstar Games, which produced Grand Theft Auto.

Adult Entertainment

Can Porn go Public(ly Traded?).

Here's a New York Times article on the investment potential of sex-related businesses, found by searching for "pornography industry" on the New York Times web site.

This is a PBS Frontline story on the pornography industry, found by Googling "pornography industry."

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