• 2007 financial highlights
    • $7.67 billion revenue
    • $2.11 billion net income (before adjustments)
    • 33.1% operating margin (before adjustments)
      • Note: much higher than Amazon.com
    • Number one ecommerce site in US, UK, Germany during the 2007 holiday shopping season
  • Market capitalization $37.6 billion in February 08
  • Structure
    • Marketplaces unit: eBay, Shopping.com, StubHub, Kijiji
    • Payments: PayPal
    • Communications: Skype
  • Q1 08 - implemented a controversial new pricing plan

Reportedly has 222 million registered members worldwide with 84 million active users worldwide.

According to a 2005 ACNielsen International survey, more than 700,000 Americans describe eBay as their primary or secondary source of income, and 1.5 million say they supplement their income by selling on eBay.


New stories from July 2009 show that eBay's network is not enough to guarantee continuing good business performance. Some customers are upset at high shipping charges and a perceived "abandonment" of small sellers. Even so, Craigslist and Amazon.com see to be the major competitors, and they are long-established too, showing the enduring power of the network effect.

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