DUB pies

DUB Pies is as Brooklyn bakery that also sells its products online at http://dubpies.com

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Pie Shop Slides

Online Business Details

  • Estimated 100,000 Australian expatriates in the USA, 20,000 in the Tri-State area
  • Pies sell for about 5 dollars each
  • Ship frozen in boxes of twelve
  • Online retail uses a turnkey solution from Yahoo! Stores
    • Note the use of customer feedback
  • Marketing
    • Extensive PR
    • Almost no advertising
      • Did use Google adwords for a while, but did not top up the account

You need to ask: how do your prospects and customers search for information? What sources have credibility for them?

According to the owner, his success is due to:

1) concentration on consistently producing a quality (hand made) product
2) great internet presence (and focus on making sure anyone who wants pies and looks to the web - finds us!)
3) a great idea whose time was long overdue
4) some good luck

He does little or no advertising:

we do all of our own PR
we've spent virtually nothing on direct advertising (unless you include the cost of the website - which has so far been put together at the cost of as many pies as our websdesigner can eat!) - haven't even sent out a single Press Releaseā€¦ yet!

Analyzing the DUB Pies Business

See the DUB pies spreadsheet.

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