Developing a Marketing Campaign

Steps to Develop a Marketing Campaign

  1. Analyze your product or service
    1. Features, benefits, positioning, why people will buy (value proposition)
    2. How it differs from competitors’
  2. Analyze your target market segments
    1. Who is most likely to buy your product
    2. Describe them in detail – demographics (age, gender etc.), lifestyle, purchasing patterns, buying objections etc.
  3. Develop a communications strategy; select media
    1. Find out where your target customers read and listen to information
    2. Select tactics: search engine, display, viral, affiliate, email, behavioral, PR
  4. Develop objectives, budget and performance metrics
    1. Estimate lifetime customer value; derive maximum ad budget
    2. Estimate conversion rate at various stages of the funnel
    3. Estimate costs (CPM or cost per click)
  5. Develop ad copy/ ad designs
  6. Track and monitor ad performance
    1. Track through the buying cycle
    2. Use tags, analytics
  7. Use feedback to improve ad design and targeting.

Select Online Marketing Tactics

There are many online marketing tactics:

  • Web site
  • Email
  • Search marketing (incl. Search Engine Optimization [SEO])
  • Referral sites
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Viral marketing
  • Widgets
  • Online market research
  • Customer communities
  • Dynamic pricing

Which ones you use depends on what you are trying to achieve and how much you want to spend.

Return on Investment

The key question: how do you get the best possible return on investment? Marketing costs money. How do you get the maximum amount of profit per dollar of marketing expenditure? How do you ensure your customer acquisition cost is less than lifetime customer value? How can the internet help you improve your marketing return on investment (ROI?)

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