Blogging is a form of online publishing, inspired by the idea of a daily journal. The web makes it possible for anyone with some notion of web design to publish anything. Blogging tools such as Google or WordPress lower than barrier so that anyone can publish online without technical skills.

Examples of Blogs

  • One newspaper's list of the top 50 blogs
  • There are blogs on any conceivable topic e.g. popular pet-related blogs include Itchmo, Pet Connection, and Pet Sit USA

Business Model

Popular blogs get enough viewers to make them attractive to advertisers. There can be big money in blogs. Some blogs receive "triple-digit CPMs". According to the New York Times (4/6/07), the technology blog TechCrunch earns millions in advertising. However, some bloggers are paid only ten dollars per post, and the work involves long hours and high stress.

March 2008 NYT article entitled "So You Want to Be a Blogging Star?" by Paul Boutin.

One NYT blogger's views on what blogs are for


Twitter is experimenting with ways to make money.

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