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This is the wiki for "The Internet and Business" class at Purchase College, State University of New York. See the course outline and learning objectives and the approach we take. You can also check out how to enroll.

Course Modules

  1. How to Analyze an Online Business
  2. Retail Businesses
  3. Cutting out the Middle Man - Disintermediation
  4. The Internet affects Competition and Pricing
  5. Internet Services Businesses - selling pans to gold miners
  6. Online Marketplaces - Making Money from being the Middle Man (Person?)
  7. Analyzing the Impact of the Internet on an Industry
  8. Online Marketing
  9. How the Internet has Changed how Businesses Work

Students also use internet tools to create web sites, blogs, wikis and internet surveys. Much of the assessment is based on student projects and hands-on homework assignments.

The idea is for students to collaborate on research on topics such as:

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